Before we start…

This is an old truism… GOOD — FAST — CHEAP … Pick any TWO.

So when someone tells you there is a single way to build something, look at his point of view.

  • Most builders want Fast and Cheap. You might be stuck with a shower remodel in 5 years and poor insulation if he wants to get off the job site fast.
  • The upgrades I talk about here all fall into the GOOD circle. Generally they are not FAST. And yes, because I do the labor, they are cheap. But, the overall goal stresses Efficiency and Quality!

Yikes, The shower was falling through the floor.

The Experts installed the glass block wall over bare wood — in a SHOWER. It Rotted and the shower is falling through the floor.

And the “Open-Plan” Bathroom design has got to go. Who builds a toilet room without a door? We’ll install a commercial grade pocket door.

Ready? Let’s fix this catastrophe!

Are you sitting down? You won’t believe what they did here.

25 years ago, the Architect specified 6″ of fiberglass insulation in the attic. So… what did the builder install?

  • 10% of the attic had NONE
  • The rest had just HALF what was promised

Who wants to live in a cold & drafty house that costs a fortune to Heat?

Well, I’m tired of freezing. I’m going to fix it.

Finally, we are getting Natural Gas installed down the street.

Let’s plumb the house with gas lines so we can install gas appliances.

TWO Electric water heaters. That’s what this house had. And a recirculator to keep the hot water “Ready”. HELLO? Not a single pipe was insulated.

Electric heaters use as much electricity in a year and the heater itself costs. REMEMBER THAT!

Let’s convert to Gas for faster service and higher efficiency

Reinventing HVAC

The Super-Duper 5-Ton Trane Heat Pump could not keep this house above 55 deg F in the winter. Plus they installed a unit that is now ILLEGAL. Who does this???
I’m tired of freezing, let’s find out what’s wrong.

Or… The Scary Elevator

It was dark, foreboding… Really SCARY!

A single, humming light in the ceiling reminded me of an old KGB movie. And that Princess Telephone???

It needed a Facelift