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A Classic 

In 2013, I bought a 20 year-old Traditional-Contemporary house. The Architect placed this Custom Design on 2 wooded acres overlooking a lake and golf course.

Sounds Idyllic… So what is the problem?

Behind the exquisite crown molding lay a house plagued by careless workmanship. It cost a fortune to heat… Rainwater emptied into the crawlspace… and the list goes on! And it’s not just this house, it’s everywhere. Why? Because because consumers allow it.

But this home started out with good intentions, as some building trades really cared: The framing was crafted by a master carpenter, the brick facade is a work of art, the interior millwork was fitted to perfection, and most importantly, the architect’s vision was brilliant.

What can you do?

... now 
Fit for the Future

This website will show you how I made this house into a 21st century Future House. The GOAL is: Comfort and Energy Efficiency. We’ll use smart techniques that rely more on brains than bucks. Look under Projects above.